Creative Calendar Gifting Ideas

Giveaway Calendars

It’s the time of the year when you give away freebies to loyal customers and business partners again. Calendars are one of the classic corporate gifts that have stood the test of time. They’re cheap, practical, and actually useful. The downside is that people tend to get tired of them. After all, everyone has a calendar! Here are some ways to add a creative spark to your giveaway calendars and make them more appealing.

Showcase Your Brand

One of the most common designs for calendars are photo calendars. You can put anything from landscapes, tourist spots to artwork in these calendars. This time, why not use your calendar for an extra marketing move? Showcase a product or service for every month by adding clear and crisp images into your calendars. Make sure that the photo is high quality to bring out the best in your brand!

Involve Your Recipients

Calendars are used to take note of special events like holidays and anniversaries. Try featuring meaningful dates in your calendar such as company milestones and open events. If you have a regular group of people you give you calendars out to, you can even feature their birthdays and other special events to make them feel special.

Add Value

You can also customize the design of your calendar so that it also works as a monthly or weekly planner. Add some spaces for notes and scribbles and make sure that the design is both neat and attractive. If you’re on a budget, you compress your calendar giveaway into a single page. This is a great method if you plan to give them out to your employees as well, as they can easily stick it to their desk or area without taking up additional space.

Make It Fun and Quirky

If photos in calendars are not your thing, you can make your calendar into a makeshift activity book! Use the space to print fun designs like optical illusions, trivia and infographics, puzzles, and brain teasers. With a bit of effort, you can even incorporate your brand or company into these activities to add interactions with your clients or customers.

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