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Carbonless Forms: Carbon paper was the extensively used for making more than one copies of the original document. This paper was actually made in such a way that one surface of the has a loose covering of some pigment or ink (carbon). The lose covering gets transfer to the paper place below the coverings, when a document is written. This method was extensively used for the documentation purposes in almost all big departmental stores and firms.

This old method had some drawbacks. The loosely bound carbon was although transferred to the other paper but the quality was not the best. It was quite tiring to place more and more carbon papers or change the used one for different papers.

Chemists developed a new method of transferring document data onto other papers while writing on the front paper. The basic purpose was to replace the old carbon paper copying method with newer and easy way of writing from main page onto others. Lowell Schleicher and Barry Green were two chemists behind this new chemical. There is no need to insert a carbon paper in between the sheets anymore. This new chemical is basically a micro-encapsulated dye or ink which is on the backside of each page.

Design and Working of Carbonless paper

Carbonless paper is supplied with a micro-encapsulated dye or ink on the backside of front page and coat of clay on the next sheet front face so that the front of the ‘next page’ has a print of the first page.

When writings are made on the top front sheet, the encapsulated dye is broken and it reacts with the clay on the next page front and permanent markings are printed on it. Crystal violet lactone was the first ever dye used for this purpose.

Printing and Production of Carbonless forms

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