Spot UV

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Spot UV Printing

Spot UV  is one of the most popular techniques used for printings due to its visibility and eye catching appearance. UV coating are environment friendly as they are completely free of any solvent chemical and does not emit any organic compound. Spot UV is not only used for protecting the paper, but also for shinning and decorative effect the surface of the paper. Spot UV has now become a simple fashion in printing that can be applied to the whole surface or some part of the paper.

Spot UV gloss can be applied to any surface, for example, your business marketing card, creating a beautiful shiny layer in your quality design on top of the print or artwork or logo. This will allow you to get your customer attention to the important aspects of your print and new design. Creative design will help you boost your business and design.

Spot Uv available on Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Posters, Labels, Stickers, Presentation Folders, Decals and any many more.

Spot UV is getting popular in high class businessmen in different cities. This new technology makes a good contribution to the increment of the popularity of organizations and brands. Following are the best features of this technology.

  • Beautiful Shiny Touch to the Business cards
  • Color Reflection makes it perfect
  • Add to the Life of the card
  • Sizes of Spot UV
  • The size of the spot UV depends on the card and the surface where you want to apply it. So it’s not an issue. Standard card sizes and all other cards can be perfectly coated with Spot UV.

Production and Printing

Our Printing services provide you the following best services for Sticker printing.

  • Very high quality printings with great satisfaction of customers.
  • High quality material is used which is Eco-friendly.
  • We have very high turnaround times.
  • Our prices are affordable and we have Great offers for customers with bulk orders.

Placing an order with Print Mania for Spot UV are very easy, convenient and 100% stress-free from our online shopping website. Simply choose the options you required and build your order. Once your order is set, all you have to do is click “Add to Cart” to see your Cart Page, and then you can enter your details followed by Uploading the project file and choose payment option, make payment and there you go. Please call Print Mania Customer Support on (03) 9020 4189 or send an email to



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