Tips for Tag Printing

Promotional Hang Tags

Promotional tools come in many shapes and sizes – they can be as big as an entire wall or as little as a credit card. Small marketing materials like Hang Tags can be tricky because some people make the mistake of treating them the same way as they do regular materials. However, because these items are smaller, the way they should be designed and laid out should be different.

Focus on the Message

You don’t have much space to say everything you want to say, and you want to make it just right. Keep the message simple. Many companies use simple calls to action or a short slogan in their swing tags to deliver their message. The key is to use a clear, concise and effective message that can fit the small dimensions of your material.

Include the Logo

If your marketing material is for labeling purposes like a hang tag, then it’s crucial that you remember to include the logo. Your company or brand logo is one of the first things that will make people associate the product with your company. Make sure that the logo is clear and printed in good quality.

Folded Hang Tags

Make It Readable

Customers should be able to see clearly what is written in your tag. 10-11 pts is the smallest recommended size for text, while other information like contact details can be reduced to 7-8 pts. Remember that different font styles can alter the effect of sizes, so it is best to experiment first and see which styles are readable in certain sizes.

Another thing to ensure is that the backgrounds don’t clash with your text. Use colors that stand out from your background and can be seen from a distance.


There are many ways to add an extra touch to your tags. Die-cutting, finishing, and embossing are just some of the options you have to add depth to your tag design. Don’t be afraid to experiment at first and see which designs best reflect your brand and promote it to your market.

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